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Why SRRC? 

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There are two types of membership in the SRRC: Corporate Membership (recipients of relocation services) and Service membership (providers of such services). Corporate membership is open to individuals employed by corporations who are responsible for or regularly involved with transfers of the corporations' employees. Service membership shall be open to individuals who are primarily engaged in providing, directly or indirectly, any type of relocation related service, whether as sole proprietors or as employees of firms providing such services.


Annual membership dues are billed and due in the first quarter of each year and may vary for the corporate and service membership.
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If a member changes companies, it is necessary to reapply for SRRC membership under the new company name. Please complete all fields below and note in the comment section that you are reapplying under a new company name.

If the company is currently a member of SRRC and there are changes to relocation staff or contact information, please modify your profile for the new member.


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